Performance Bike Fitting

Our Performance Bike Fitting is for both recreational and competitive cyclists. Whether you have years in the saddle or you're new to cycling, a proper bike fit will optimize your cycling performance and make your cycling experience more enjoyable. Bike fitting is performed by USA Triathlon and Bike Fit/Cycle Point certified coach, Mark Alfaro. For more information and frequently asked questions, click here.

Level 1 Bike Fit  - $150

Member Price - $75

  • Initial appointment: 1.5-2 hour session

    • Review of cycling history and thorough assessment of​ current bike fit and issues

    • Functional Movement Screen to assess physiological constraints

    • On-bike analysis of pedaling efficiency, posture, and position

  • Video analysis and handout provided for before and after measurements

  • 1-hour follow-up appointment within 30 days (additional follow-up thereafter: $75/hour)

Level 2 Bike Fit - $250 

Member Price - $125

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  • Includes Level 1 Bike Fit + the following:

    • Professional recommendations on improving cycling performance from certified coach

    • Two 1-hour follow-up appointments (Within 60 days)

    • 2 week trial of strength training program at Performance Strength Lab

Additional equipment such as stems, handlebars, and saddles may be needed to complete the bike fit

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