12-week Spring Training Program!

Good morning PSL!

This week we are excited to start our new 12-week Spring Training Program! Here at Performance Strength Lab it is important to us that we continue to improve your athletic performance and fitness guided by our P³ – Power, Performance, Prevention training system.

The strength training you are doing at PSL, as well as your PSL endurance training plan, is periodized. This means we progressively cycle various aspects of your training through three 4-week training cycles. Periodization has been shown to be significantly more effective than non-periodized training plans, results in more muscle mass, more strength, and decreases in body fat.

What you will notice over the next few months is that in the gym, we intentionally cycle our strength training through four zones. In the first zone, Zone 1, we keep our weights at around 65-75% of our max. This Zone is where we establish our base, pay extra close attention to form and mobility, and where we recover. In Zone 2, we start to build, with the weight and reps increasing up to 76-85% of your max. Zone 3 usually feels like the most challenging week, where we launch into heavy weight (86%-95%). Finally, in Zone 4 (96%-100%), we test our max lifts and see just how much strength we’ve gained during the training block.

There is an adage in weightlifting that states “80% of the time you should be training at 80%.” At PSL we follow this, and as you’ll see, in our Spring Training block, the bulk of your training will occur in Zone 2 and 3, with about 15% in Zone 1, and a few punctuated moments in Zone 4. We’re excited to see where Spring Training takes each of you!

This week is a Base week and we will be training in Zone 1.

Monday: Power Jerks Tuesday: Glutes and Legs Wednesday: Cleans and Snatches Thursday: Backsquats and Core Friday: Upper body Saturday: Coaches Group Workout

Other Classes: Monday and Wednesday: Yoga 6pm Tuesday: Winter Spin and Anywhere Bike Repair 5:45pm

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