April 20 Workout

Todays Motivation: Dare to be powerful, and to use your strength

Todays Workout:

W/U: 100 Jumping Jacks


Pick two new movements this week. You'll alternate between each movement without rest. Each time you alternate movements, you'll decrease the reps of the first exercise, and increase the reps of the second exercise. Round 1 Exercise A: 15 reps Exercise B: 1 Rep, Round 2 Exercise A: 14 reps Exercise B: 2 Rep and so on until you get to 1-15

Exercise Pairings: (Choose 1 pairing)

Push-up and Squat

Burpee or Push-up and Thruster

Burpee or Push-Up and Snatch

Standing Should Press and Sit-Up

Push-Ups and Crunches

Rows and Squats

You can make it harder by adding weight, doing it faster or resting after your first 15-1 and then picking another paring and doing it again.

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