April 28 Workout

Your Daily Motivation: It’s your race and yours alone. Others may run it with you, but no one can run it for you.

This week we are going to have a strength challenge everyday. It can be completed at the same time as the daily workout or done at another point of your day. In the past we have had people post videos and pictures of doing these challenges on top of mountains, on beaches, golf courses ect... Keep you social distance, be safe, extra high-fives if you take a picture or video and tag us on facebook or instagram!

Todays Challenge: Low Plank as long as possible.

Todays Workout: 4-5 rounds

10 Lateral Bounds 5 Push-Ups 10 Shoulder Taps a side 10 Lateral Bounds 5 Close Grip Push-Up 10 Plank Arm Raises a side 10 Lateral Bounds 5 Wide Grip Push-Up 10 Plank Rotations a side

(Can substitute lateral lunges for lateral bounds)

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