Coaches Workout

Coaches Workout:

Motivation: We are blessed to be here today and everyday, it is up to you to make each day your best - Coach Joe Beckerley

Message from coach: Happy Saturday Everyone, I want to thank you for opening these workouts everyday for the last 3 months. Honestly I never in my life thought I would film and post 6 at home workouts a week for 3 months. Like working out it wasn't always easy, as I was dealing with the stresses of COVID-19 myself, our business being closed, home school and all the shit we sometimes have to deal with in life. Life isn't always easy. I truly believe we live in a wonderful special world and I am blessed to have the opportunity to send these workouts out every day in hopes they could help even just one person. Like staying healthy and training to reach a goal, you have to stay dedicated, consistent, you have to show up, and have gratitude.  Today is the last of the at home workout series. I ask one thing today for the coaches workout. Go out be active for at least an hour, smile, make someone else smile, celebrate life. Even with life's up and downs we are always blessed to be here, to live another day, it is up to you to make this day your best.  It's my happy hour and I'll be at my favorite bar. You can join us Monday.... or whenever you are ready.

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Keep strong!

Coach Joe Beckerley

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