Creating A Race Schedule

Happy New Year Endurance Athletes. If you have not already done so the next step to the New Year is to start planning your race schedule. For most endurance athletes it is possible to reach fitness peaks 2-3 times per season. This means you should choose 2-3 priority races that you want to crush in 2019. These are your A-Priority races. When picking these races think about your current lifestyle, athletic experience, race goals, available time to train strengths and weaknesses and more. Will you do all our local triathlons, a marathon or ultra, a 70.3 or Ironman? Decide and commit to your training.

Your A-Priority races are generally separated by at least six weeks to allow for specific preparation and race specific training. Don’t worry that does not mean you can’t race for six weeks. You can include C-priority races (single or multi-sport) these are great to include between competitive periods as training sessions and tune ups for higher priority races. You also can include B-priority races during your race specific training.

For example if you are doing an Ironman you can do a 70.3 as a high level competitive training event. The same works doing a Sprint distance leading up to an Olympic distance, a half marathon leading up to a marathon or a 50 mile ultra leading up to a 100 mile ultra.

When creating your Race Schedule don’t forget to write down any vacations, work travel, family events and other variables that may affect your training and timing for your A-Priority races. Last keep in mind the need to schedule in recovery every third or fourth week. Planned recovery is preferred over required time off for overtraining injuries.

Once your race schedule is completed it becomes a road map for your training plan this season. As a result of this you will experience a sense of direction and purpose for your training that then produces a feeling of confidence. In athletics, nothing is more important than confidence.

Once you have your 2019 race schedule you will want to develop your training plan. Need help creating your training plan? Training for Power, Performance, Injury Prevention? Contact us today so we can help you.

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