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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

A few days ago I witnessed something very inspirational. Two members of our fitness community were discussing running. The conversation was lead by one bringing up that she is training for a 100 mile ultra marathon. A first for her at this distance and a very intimidating distance to set as a goal and train for. Little did she know her workout partner for the day has done several 100 mile runs and ultra distances. They spent an hour not only working out together but also enthusiastically discussing their love for running, tips for training and racing.  I sat there listening thinking to myself I am here as the coach and here I am watching two others coach each other to continue forward, push through challenges and crush their goals. I see these types of interactions everyday on topics of running, endurance, triathlon, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, nutrition, travel, health and so much more. It is a huge part of the culture here at PSL. 

This is the amazing thing about a fitness community. It allows you to connect with other athletes. Members share their challenges and successes, discuss different training techniques, solicit advice or support and celebrate each other’s achievements. This communal element offers benefits that run the gamut from physical to mental to social.

Studies have shown that having access to a group fitness programs can increase physical activity levels overall. It is said that the number one benefit to joining a fitness community is accountability. Whether you just need a little encouragement to get to the gym or your training session for the day or you’ve gotten off track for several weeks, your peers and coaches can provide the positive encouragement you need to get back in action.

A great example is at PSL we encourage our community to set goals. If you state a goal to your community, you know they are there watching and supporting you.  Saying “I’m going to do a marathon” to yourself is one thing, but when all your friends and coach know your goals they lend support, advice or an inspiring mantra, it can really push you to keep moving forward.  

Not only can your fellow members inspire you to exercise more often, but it can also inspire you to go harder during your training session. A study done by the American Council Of Exercise found that working out with a partner motivated people to work out longer and at greater intensity than if they were training solo.

It is a fact, we see it every day. You work harder if there’s somebody next to you, especially if it’s somebody you’ve gotten to know. This is when the magic happens. It’s when we push beyond what we thought was possible, we feel stronger.

In addition to these physical benefits, fitness communities can also make you happier and lead to quality friendships. When you regularly train with others, you make connections and start to develop a group of friends with similar interests. It makes training more than just fitness for your body. It enhances your life.

How do you find the right fitness and training community for you?

First figure out what you like. If you already know you don’t like running or cycling or weightlifting then it’s important to keep exploring and find something active you do enjoy. What is your workout personality type? Do you like a drill team atmosphere or do you require more emotional support? Are you looking for a community that focuses on the science behind training, or the mental hurdles that come with consistency? Do you want to train with people who are all at the same level as you or surround yourself with more experienced athletes? Answer these questions to help determine the fitness culture that will make you feel most comfortable.

Just get up and go! What’s most important is that you get out there and try it. This is the only way you’ll get to experience the vibe of the group and see if the types of workouts meet your goals and needs. When your there be sure to engage with the other members and coaches. This will give you a sense of the personalities of those who make up the core of the community. You will know you found your tribe when you feel genuine rapport with the other members and coaches. You’ll simultaneously feel supported, encouraged and challenged to rise to new heights. Not only will this community help you take your fitness to the next level, but it will also enhance your life overall. The human connection is vital for happiness in life. Together we’re stronger than when we’re apart. We’ll sweat to that!!!

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