Oriflamme 50K Training Plan

Welcome to your Oriflamme 50k training plan. Oriflamme is an out and back with about 3,985 ft elevation gain on the second 1/2. There is also a large amount of rolling hills. This is a difficult race taking you from the San Diego Mountains down to the dessert floor of Blair Valley.

This 18 week plan focuses on building your distance as well as ascending and descending hills. Most of your long runs should be completed on trails when possible.

This plan includes 5 runs per week and 2 short strength training sessions as well as coaches tips. It is designed for people who work and or have families with timed runs mixed in with runs by mileage. Emphasis on improving running speed up and down hills.

This plan is designed specifically for the Oriflamme 50k but can also be used on any hilly 50k.

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