The Beast Comes Out In The Darkness

It is time for goblins and bats, spirits, ghost and cats, weird-happenings and witches brew. It’s time for Halloween. Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein’s and Ghouls will all emerge tonight. The darkness will bring out the beasts!

When you consider what these creatures have in common, they all share a certain rawness - an untamed, animal nature with primal savage instincts. An instinct that exists within all human beings.

At PSL, I often hear clients praising each other for an impressive lift, “She is a Beast!” Or commenting on our ultra runners who recently finished 100-mile races and our Ironman athletes, “They went beast mode!” It is used to describe individuals who show awesome achievements in athletics and beyond.

And there are incredible examples of this savage spirit all around us.

Super Bowl LI. The Falcons came out strong, dominating the game on their way to a 28-3 lead. But Tom Brady had different plans. The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history with an overtime win for the Patriots. He was a Beast!

Julie Moss crawling across the Finish Line of the Ironman World Championships. After collapsing two miles before the finish line in pure exhaustion, she crawled on her hands and knees to the finish line, showing true, raw dedication to the sport. A Beast!

In 1967, marathon running was strictly a man's sport. But Katherine Switzer had a primal drive to race, and knew she could finish the Boston marathon. She illegally snuck onto the starting line and raced with passion. Despite leering reporters, jeering onlookers and even a race official who tried to tackle her, she finished – and paved the way for women to be officially allowed to run Boston a few years later. A Beast!

Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage in 2013—and while that feat is impressive in its own right, what we love is that it was the 63-year-old's fifth attempt at the distance. She previously had to quit because of hypothermia, weather, sharks and being attacked by a swarm of jellyfish. She's the very definition of raw persistence - the definition of a Beast.

Beasts have something in common. Beasts come out from the dark. They emerge from times of intense struggle, deep pain and against all odds. It is in the darkness that we have to dig deep to leverage the primal instinct of savagery that exists within all. This is not just a competitive spirit, but the part of us that just won’t quit whether it is for your team’s win like Tom Brady, to prove you will finish no matter what like Diana Nyad.

During those moments where you feel some mental or physical fatigue kick in recognize this is the darkness. And the best part about the darkness? This is your opportunity to bring out the beast. This is your chance to bring out the passion, perseverance and inner stamina that pushes you on. When you feel like you can’t go a step further. Being a beast means falling, sometimes failing, but finding the strength to dig down deep and fight on, knowing you have the inner endurance to keep going.

Happy Halloween. Bring out the beast.

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