You Can't Win Looking At The Wall

Your mental focus is one of the most important “make or break” factors for being successful in anything that you do. Some would say it’s the most important factor. This is especially true in sports. There is a saying I like, when you focus on problems you’ll have more problems. When you focus on opportunities you’ll have more opportunities.

I once had the pleasure of talking to one of the most successful race car drivers in the history of racing named Bob McCreadie. He has more than five hundred wins in his racing career. Five hundred wins is a lot of wins in anything but let me give you a better perspective of how remarkable of an accomplishment that is in racing.

Richard Petty, known as “The King” is NASCAR’s winningest driver at 200 wins. John Force is drag racing top dog with 126 NHRA wins. Formula One’s driver with the most wins is Michael Schumarcher with 91. If you do the math, the combined total of all three of these phenomenal drives is 417 wins. That’s still almost 100 wins away from McCreadie’s career total.

So as I sat with this legend chatting, watching other drivers race around the track, I watched as a racecar on the track went out of control and hit the inside wall of the racetrack. I wondered what McCreadie did when his car lost control.

“Bob, have you ever lost control of your car when you were racing?” I asked.

“Of course, plenty of times. Some people would say my car was out of control most of the time,” he laughed.

“How did you keep from crashing into the wall then?”

“I kept my eyes on the track,” he said like I should already know this. “When you lose control of your car, you have to look where you want the car to go. If you focus on where you want to go, your hands and feet are going to figure out how to get you there. If you focus on the wall, you’ll end up there too. I wanted to win, not crash. You can’t win races looking at the wall.”

In both car and endurance racing, hitting the wall is failure. Winning and even completing the race is success. Focusing on the wall, on what you want to avoid, will only lead you to failure. Focusing on the where you want to go will lead you to success. That’s where you want to be, so look there. Focus on your training, solutions, look towards success, and you will cross that finish line, whatever your sport is, as a winner.

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